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I never thought this place would get so annoying.  Sad as to what DA has become.  Filled with a bunch of liberal people who can't read, and jump to opinions.  Overly offensive people, who can't take a single critique.  So much pointless drama.  I honestly couldn't care less how my art offends people.  Just means you need to grow a pair and stop being a pussy.  There are far worse things out there that people have yet to see.

I can see why all my friends are gone now.  About time I go as well.  There's nothing here anymore but a bunch of 8 year olds, who are some how 16.

Oh btw I'm a Creative Director now.  I'm all set.

If there is one thing I learned from all this time on here, it's that don't listen to those offensive people.  It's not worth taking it to heart.  Just keep drawing, and get better.  Strive to be better than the artist you look up to.  Just don't stop on your dreams, otherwise you'll keep living a nightmare.

I know a lot of you have already left, but I miss you guys a lot!  I really wish I could go back to what this place used to be: a thriving community.  You're support through my hard times from jr.high til college graduate, meant a lot to me.  I am glad we were all here for each other.  The feedback and support on my artwork has improved me immensely.  Though I still have a long way to go, I have started to draw again.  I hope where ever you guys are now, you are prospering and improving!  And to the ones still here, barely alive, I wish for you to keep going.  NEVER give up on what you want to do.

I miss all of you ;___;  Come back 2004


Nicole Fernandez
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
It's always been my passion to create the visions and stories roaming around in my head. Although the places I grew up did not offer many art classes, I never let that hold me back. I self taught my Photoshop skills, until I was able to receive a better learning experience. As much as I enjoyed digital drawing, I longed to learn how to animate. I sought out the proper education by attending Full Sail University. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Animation in 2010. I hope to some day create movies, shows, or games that will inspire children to never let go of their imagination to create endless possibilities.

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